5 Dog Training Tips for Beginners

It is important to train your new puppy for their safety and socialization, but it can be overwhelming. With a few tips on dog training for beginners, it’s easy to get your pup started and teach them the basics. This will improve their behavior and increase safety.

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1. Create a training schedule and keep sessions short

When it comes to dog training, consistency is key. Set up a schedule for yourself and your dog, with five minute training sessions. Keep sessions short and focused to prevent your dog becoming overwhelmed or losing their interest.

2. You should learn the basic commands and only say a cue word once.

Be familiar with the basic commands before you start training your dog: sit, stay, down, and come. You should be consistent in your language and only use the cue words once. The command should only be repeated once. Repeating it can confuse the dog and reduce their response.

Train your dog to sit

If you want to teach your dog how to sit, place a treat above his nose, and move it slowly back towards its tail, while saying “Sit”. As the dog follows the treat’s eyes, he will naturally sit down. Reward them immediately with the treat and praise. Repeat this exercise till your dog will sit on command.

Train your dog to stay

Start by teaching your dog to sit. Use a hand sign or the word “stay”, while taking a small step back. Reward your dog with praise and a tasty treat such as dry dog food if they remain in the same place. Increase the distance between your dog and you while maintaining eye-contact. Repeat this exercise as necessary until your dog obeys.

Train your dog to come when called

It is vital to your dog’s safety that you teach him to respond when called. Begin by letting them explore on a leash. As they approach you, praise and reward with a healthy dog food. Increase the distance between you and the dog, as well as the distractions around them to reinforce the behavior.

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Train your dog to lie down

Sit your dog down first. Holding a treat, slowly lower it towards the ground and saying “down” will encourage your dog to follow. Reward them with praise and treats when they’re in the right position. Repeat this process until your dog is able to consistently lie down when you ask him.

3. Use small treats and positive reinforcement

It is possible to train your dog using food. When your dog performs the desired behavior, reward them with healthy treats such as cooked food. This will help your dog to associate the reward with the command, increasing their likelihood of repeating the behavior.

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4. Select a time when there are no distractions.

To ensure that your dog is able to focus, choose a calm and familiar environment when training. It will be easier for your dog to learn and retain the new commands. Avoid training your dog before you leave for work, or while you’re cooking dinner. Choose a time that you can give your dog your full attention and avoid distractions such as television, visitors or food.

5. Train before Meals

To encourage your dog’s success, schedule training sessions prior to mealtime. If you train your dog consistently before giving them a meal, then they will learn to associate the completion of a task with food. If your dog normally gets dinner at 5, perform a 5- to 10-minute session of training at 4:50 pm. You can also train your dog in the morning before you give them their breakfast.

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