Keep your dog cool in the summer heat with these 10 top tips

While we may enjoy BBQs, beach trips and spending time with family and friends, our pets may struggle to deal with the extreme heat.

When temperatures rise, dogs are more susceptible to Heatstroke due to their thick coats and inability to sweat.

Most dogs can walk, play, and exercise safely in temperatures as low as 20degC. Even at temperatures between 20 and 23degC, dogs are at risk of heatstroke.

We’ve compiled a list with 10 tips for keeping your dog cool this summer to help you keep him out of danger.

1. You can walk your dog in the early morning or late evening.

Avoid walking your dog during the midday. Instead, choose a route that has plenty of shade, such as a forest or park.

Early morning walks during a heatwave are recommended, since temperatures can remain high into the evening.

You may want to limit your dog’s exercise to indoor, calm activities if it is still hot in the morning. Interactive toys and treat puzzles are great ways to keep your dog entertained without making them too hot.

2. Before walking your dog, check the pavement.

Place the back of your hands on the pavement and hold them there for seven seconds. If the temperature is too high for you, your dog could be burned by it.

Check before letting your pet walk on surfaces such as tarmac or sand.

3. Keep your dog hydrated

Keep your dog’s bowls filled and ensure that they have access to fresh water. Add ice cubes in their water bowls for a nice, cold drink.

Take plenty of water with you and your dog on long walks or trips. Use travel bowls , bottles or water bottles to ensure that your dog is able to drink regularly.

4. Keep your dog well-groomed

Regularly brush your dog and care for it to remove any excess fur. This will also prevent matting which can make dogs unable to regulate their temperature.

It’s tempting to shave off your dog’s coat in the summer, but this can make it worse for some dogs. The breed and type of coat will determine how often you need to trim your dog. However, your dog’s hair will adjust to warmer weather. It is not a good idea to shave off all the hair, as it will remove their natural cooling system and put them at greater risk of sunburn.

5. Never leave your pet in the car

Even if you have the windows open, a car can reach 47degC in an hour if it is 22degC outdoors. A dog can suffer heatstroke at this temperature or even die.

On a hot day, conservatories, outbuildings, and caravans can also get very warm, so don’t leave your dog inside any of them.

6. Heatstroke symptoms include:

Heatstroke can be identified by excessive panting in dogs, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of coordination and consciousness. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. Contact your veterinarian if you see any of these symptoms.

7. Cool toys and treats for your dog

Cooling Toys like Ice Bone or Chill Out Sea Turtle will keep your dog cool while stimulating their minds.

8. Use dog-friendly sun cream

Sunburn can affect dogs just as it does us, particularly those with thin or white coats. Use sunscreen on exposed areas like the ears to prevent your dog from getting sunburned.

Holistic approaches to pet health: Integrating traditional and alternative veterinary care

9. Watch your dog when it is near water

You may be tempted to take your canine swimming to cool them off in hot weather. Don’t assume your dog will be a good swimmer. Contrary to popular opinion, not all dogs can swim well. Some breeds (such as corgis and pugs) struggle.

Consider river currents as well as seaside tides. Consider buying a life jacket for your dog and always keep an eye on him.

Sprinkler Matscan make a great alternative to swimming with your dog.

10. Make sure your dog can retreat to a cool area.

Make sure that your dog has access to a cool, shaded area. You can keep your dog cool by giving them a wet towels, or cooling mat. If you want, you can also give them a fan. Just make sure that they are able to move away from the wind if necessary.

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