How to train a dog: Steps for beginners

Do you want your dog to be well-trained when it arrives? Do you want to know how to train your dog?

Training your dog is a vital part of responsible pet care, whether you have a rescue dog or a puppy. Dog obedience training helps them to behave well in public, and be attentive when they are around strangers. You can ensure the safety of your dog and your family by training them.

You can train your dog to respond to simple commands such as “sit”, or more complex tricks that require multiple steps, like catching Frisbees. It can be challenging to train your dog. Here are five easy steps to train your dog.

You can illustrate your command

You should be clear about what you want your dog to do when you start training them . Dogs don’t understand the language of humans, so you have to show your dog exactly what the command is.

If you want your dog’s bottom to touch the ground, for example, tell it to sit and gently push the bottom down. If you want to get your dog to do something, have someone else imitate it. This helps the dog learn faster.

You should demonstrate the command in a way that establishes your leadership as positive and firm. Your dog will show more respect to you and pay attention to your instructions.

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Show the Treat

Use a treat as a way to reinforce the behavior of your dog. Select treats your dog enjoys but cannot have every day. This will help your dog to be excited about their training.

Show your dog the treat when you give the command. This will encourage your dog to follow the order. You should resist the urge to give your dog the treat even if it is looking at you with puppy dog eyes.

Be consistent in your treats. Try to use the same treats every day and mix them up with other treats that you give your dog .

Get Excited

Dogs are attracted to noises and movements that are exciting, particularly during training. Use animated sounds like whistles and clicks to enhance your training. These can help your dog to learn faster.

You can show your furry companion that you are happy when your dog completes the command. By rubbing your dog’s head, giving them praise, and hugging them, you can show them that you love them.

Positive reinforcement will help them understand the process of learning and make them eager to learn new commands. You need to reassure and praise your dog immediately, as dogs are very moment-oriented. This helps them to understand your excitement.

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Repeat the commands

It is important to repeat the command so that your pet knows they will receive a reward when they have completed it. You should still repeat the command even if the dog obeys it on the first attempt. This will ensure that the behavior is consistent.

Gradually Reduce Attention

You can gradually reduce your excitement after the first 10 to 15 attempts when your dog obeys. Your dog should be praised for their good work.

You can also give your dog a firm “good dog” instead of a animated compliment. You can also offer your dog a tasty treat. Your dog’s excitement and attention will decrease as they learn that obeying a command is expected.

The Essential Commands Every Dog Should Know

It may take different dogs different amounts of time to master different commands. Here are a few easy commands that most dogs can learn:


You can start by teaching your dog how to sit. It will be easier to control your dog if you teach him to sit. It also prepares your dog for more difficult commands, such as “Stay”. Then, move the treat behind your dog’s back until they sit. When they obey the command, reward them with a treat.

Come and See

You can tell your dog to “come” if you accidentally leave the door open or lose your grip on the leash. This command can keep your dog out of danger and safe. You can command your dog to come to you by putting them on a leash. Pull gently on the leash.

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The “Stay signal” is similar to the “Sit command” in that it can be used to easily control your dog. Be sure that your dog is familiar with the “Sit cue” before you start teaching him this command. This will make it easy to master. Stand in front of your dog and open the palm of your hand to command him to stay.



You can also teach your dog the heel if you are a pet owner who works out with their pet or if you live in an area where there isn’t much space on the sidewalk. This helps your dog to walk beside you calmly. This skill is more important for larger or stronger dogs, as it allows them to be controlled better during walks.Start walking with your dog on your left knee, and your leash in hand.

Go Potty

When training potty-trained dogs you can ask them to go potty verbally. This can help train your dog to pee and poo in the same place.

When your dog wants to use the toilet, take them outside. You can tell your dog to “go potty” as they squat and start to go.

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Your dog will also get bored quickly, just like children. You should keep your dog’s training sessions between 10 and 15 minutes. This helps to increase memory and speed up learning. Your dog may become unfocused and antsy if you train too long.

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