Our Perfect Puppy Program

You already know how much work it is to raise a puppy! What is socialization properly? How can you teach your puppy to remain in the crate? How can potty-train a puppy? The advice you get on the internet is often not only confusing, but also wrong. Dog Dynamix has a Perfect Puppies Program, which was carefully designed and crafted over 18 years dedicated dog training expertise to help you navigate your puppy through adulthood.

Perfect Puppy Board & Train

The best puppy training is offered by us, because we designed the program to help puppy owners through all the important development stages. This program includes training and boarding, Doggy Daycare and training, private classes and group lessons. It also stops behavioral problems from occurring.

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In the first few months of your puppy’s life, they can teach you a lot.

We want to see your relationship blossom between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Your puppy will be ready to learn the foundational skills at 10 weeks. This sets the stage for their rest of the training and lays the groundwork for socialization, potty-training, leash manners and basic puppy obedience. The first phase of the puppy board and training should begin at 10 weeks. If you wish, puppies can be sent home with owner instructions over the weekend. The first graduation lesson is after the first part of the program, so that you can continue the training at your home.

During our first puppy training and boarding, we emphasize proper socialization, puppy training and basic obedience skills. To build their confidence, we also expose them new sights, sounds and experiences.

A solid foundation for puppy training is essential to the success of advanced training.

You and your puppy need to practice the new skills you learned during your first session of training and boarding. However, they are not yet ready for off-leash training. During the transition period, we offer puppy daycare that focuses on training. We build on our foundation and begin to systematically improve their obedience. We also check in with you about how you and your pup are working together.

After your puppy has reached the appropriate developmental stage, they will return to a 3-week board and train focused on off-leash dog training. We continue to build upon the foundation that we have laid by taking them on many field trips. We want them to listen to you when you take them to the places that you choose! We can help you achieve your Colorado Lifestyle, whether it’s off-leash hiking, bike riding, or SUPing with your pup. Off leash training is not just for city dwellers. This program will teach your dog how to play ball in the park and have good leash manners. It can also help you bring your dog with you for patio lunches or dog-friendly breweries.

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Not all puppy training is created equal

What makes us different from other Denver Dog Trainings? We combine positive reinforcement with fair consequences to allow dogs to express themselves and enjoy training. We ensure that training is fun and effective while making it enjoyable. Dog Dynamix is the only company that organizes field trips. Dog Dynamix takes the dogs to many different places, including parks, neighborhoods and hiking trails to ensure that they behave well in those environments.

It’s a lot work to raise a puppy, but with the right guidance and training it can be made easier. We want to ensure that you have a high level obedience in the first year of your puppy’s life so you can be confident about their training for years to come. Call us to learn more about our puppy training services!

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