What are the most common dog behavior problems and how can training help solve them?

Do you have problems with your dog’s behaviour? There are ways to make you and your furry friend happy. Learn about the most common dog behaviors you might see in your dog and how to get them back on track with dog training.

What are the signs of dog behavior problems?

There are certain dog behaviors that can cause problems. Dogs can be very expressive and communicate with disruptive behavior. You need to be able to recognize these behaviors in your pet so that you can better understand it. Check out these six common dog problems.

Barking excessively

All dogs do bark. But when the noise becomes excessive or a nuisance to others, it can be a problem. Dogs are social animals and will bark when they’re bored, anxious, or excited. Your dog may not know when to bark.

If someone enters your home, for example, your dog might start to bark uncontrollably. This is not something your dog should do. It’s important to train your dog to not bark when certain situations arise.


It can be very annoying when your dog chews on your new shoes or any other important item. This type of behavior may be caused by boredom, anxiety or curiosity. If your dog swallows an object it shouldn’t it can be dangerous. It’s important to stop the habit as soon as possible.

Jumping on People

It’s in a dog’s nature to jump on someone when they see them for the first time. This behavior is innocent but can be dangerous when your dog jumps up on someone, especially a child or an elderly person who may not be comfortable around dogs. If your dog jumps on you, it could be a sign that they are trying to get attention. This behavior can become habitual if not discouraged.

Separation Anxiety

The most common problem with dog behavior is separation anxiety. If a dog starts to misbehave when their owner leaves, you can tell that they are experiencing separation anxiety. You can also tell if your dog follows you around the house, never leaving your side. It’s easy to ignore this behavior, but you should make changes so that your dog doesn’t get upset when you’re gone.


When your dog is begging for food, it’s hard to ignore them. But feeding them reinforces their bad behavior. It’s important to understand that a dog who is always begging may be trying to get more attention. Try to interact with your pet in a variety of ways to reduce these behaviors. Constantly giving food to your dog can cause digestive issues and other health problems.


Dog aggression can be manifested by growling, biting and showing teeth. This behavior may indicate feelings of dominance, fear, or pain. It is dangerous for your dog to show aggression around other dogs or people. You should seek help if your dog displays this behavior. You should teach your dog to not be aggressive.

What to do when you first start training your puppy

What Dog Training Can Do for You?

If you think that your dog is exhibiting some of these behaviors, you may want to consider training. A professional can help your dog learn to communicate effectively through effective training. Dog training includes:

  • Basic commands like sit, stay and come
  • Walking manners
  • Socialization of dogs with people and other dogs
  • Structured Activities for Playing
  • Potty Training
  • Controlling impulse

Training will allow your dog to practice any behavior with an expert. You will see a difference in your dog’s behavior after he has been trained. you can also enjoy these benefits:

  • A happier canine– Your dog will return from training with a more positive attitude. It will prevent them from becoming bored and displaying their bad behavior. It will make your furry friend more confident when interacting with people and other animals.
  • A stronger relationship between you and your pet – You won’t need to correct your dog for bad behavior, so you can spend more time building your relationship with him.
  • Safer situations – Your dog will be able to avoid dangerous situations if he is properly trained. You will feel more comfortable bringing your dog to other people.

As you can see dog-training has a number of benefits. It is not only beneficial for your pup, but also for you. To establish good habits and avoid dog behavior issues, it’s best to start dog training early.

Dog Training at Pet Palace

Pet Palace provides effective dog training in Columbus if you think your pet needs it. Our programs use positive reinforcement to help you build communication with your dog. Our dog training program includes:

  • Program for the Polite Puppy
  • The Basic Adult 10-Day Program
  • The 20-Day Adult Advanced Program

Each service offers a variety of training methods to meet your pet’s specific needs. Dog training includes:

  • Clicker Training This type of training involves using click signals by our professionals to communicate with your dog to reward them for good behavior.
  • Positive Reinforcement Training – Dogs receive treats, praise, or toys when they perform a desired behaviour.
  • Marker Training – This method is based on a verbal “yes” or “no” to tell the dog whether they are performing the correct behavior.
  • Model-rival-training_ For our puppy service, we will use a dog or person to demonstrate good behaviour. Dogs are easily taught by imitating others.

Pet Palace loves to see dogs transform into confident, well-behaved pets. Register today for Dog Training in Columbus, Ohio.

5 Dog Training Tips for Beginners

Contact Pet Palace Today

When working with your dog, our animal-loving professionals give them love and care. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding our services.

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