10 Reasons why you should adopt, not shop!

You’re thinking about bringing a pet into the family. This is a life-changing and exciting decision. But it shouldn’t just be taken lightly. Many things need to be considered. Is your house safe and suitable for pets? Can you afford an animal? How much time will you be able to devote to your four-legged companion? Do you plan to adopt or buy a pet animal?

We treat and care animals that have no other option. Some animals can return to loving homes, while others are able to safely rejoin society. However, many require extra attention, care and a new place to live. Some animals are older, have lost an limb or cannot care for themselves. Whatever the reason, will help them find a place they can call home.

Adopting an animal can be a great experience for you and the animal. We quizzed a team of rescue parents and mums to help you decide. We came up with 10 reasons you should adopt an animal .

You save a life.

It may be the most important reason. Giving a dog or cat a second life is a great thing. Some animals may have been abandoned or abused in the past. Adopting a dog means giving it a loving and safe home where it can grow up to be healthy and happy.

Animals suffering from cruel diseases and neglectful treatment. We don’t stop at that. Learn more about how we help animals who don’t have a home.

Second Reason: You will not be supporting backyard breeders

In puppy farms, many dogs are kept in cruel conditions and forced to breed. Adopting a pet is a great way to avoid these organizations and support animal welfare.

Third Reason: You can help reduce overpopulation

Adopting a dog instead of buying one from a breeder or shop is a great way to help a dog in need. You are also not bringing a new puppy into the world. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that all animals receive the care they need.

Waiting for the right home is worth it. Read this story about Chloe Fanta and Lilly. These three dogs from Thailand spent many years in our care while they waited to find their forever homes.

Reason 4: You may find your dream pet

There are thousands of shelters, and many animals just want to be loved. You’re likely to find one that’s perfect for your family. You may find out that after spending some time in a shelter you are not at all interested in the pet you originally wanted.

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The benefits of having an adult dog

Most dogs found in shelters, however, are not puppies but adolescent dogs or adults. It is likely that they will already be familiar with some basic commands and housetrained. This makes it easier for you to bring them home.

The shelter will provide you with lifetime support from its employees

The people who work at the shelter every day and provide care and support to the dogs are the only ones that know more about them. They can help you move your dog and assist with any training or behavior work.

You are supporting a community or charitable institution that is important.

Adopting a dog is a great way to support a local organization and to help the animals in the shelter.

Reason 8: Your pet is healthy

Shelters provide excellent medical care and any vaccinations that are needed. The animals may also have been sterilised and microchipped to make them ready for your family.

Why adoption is good for you and your wallet

Adopting pets from shelters is a good financial decision. The cost of rescuing a pet is much less than buying one from a breeder, pet store or other source. You can save money by rescuing a pet from a shelter. Shelters will often spay or neuter animals, provide vaccinations, and offer other services for lowered prices.

Tenth Reason: You will improve both their and your life!

Adopting a pet is not only a way to help the animal, but also support its health and well-being. Having a pet is proven to improve your health and happiness, as well as help you live longer. A loyal companion can also help people who suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety.

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